Dbm Systems, Raleigh, NC


About Support

Dbm Systems Support includes complete 24 X 7 X 365 Telephone support . Call back response time for support is guaranteed at 4 hours. Actual response time averages 10 minutes.

Additional Annual Support Plans may be purchased as an all inclusive encompassing your entire entity. The plans are offered as a supplemental plan that includes non software related problems.

Dbm Systems offers 3 plans to fit your entity’s budget.

Network and System Administration:

Dbm Systems is offering a technically experienced company and all its resources to help your entity.

Dbm Systems is a “first line of support” resource. When a computer or a network component fails (server, printer, bridge, router, etc.), the company to call is Dbm Systems. Our certified technicians connect remotely into your servers. They then make recommendations as to the “fix”, and if possible, correct the problem while they are online with the customer.

Entire Customers Networks:

When Dbm Systems acquires a customer through its Annual Support Plans (ASP), the ASP completely covers all networks and systems belonging to the entity excluding hardware costs.

Example: If the entity had networks for financials, fire, police, utilities, etc, the Dbm Systems ASP provides service to all networks and all of their components.

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