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About Business License
The Business License System is designed for use by cities and counties to manage the issuance of Business Licenses and track historical detail about the Business Licenses. This system allows user-defined rates, penalties, interest, cash registers, cash drawers, license parameters, invoice parameters, statement parameters, and even cash receipt parameters.

This system also allows multiple classifications per Business License. The Business License System includes a complete financial module for account inquiry, printing statements, and retaining a complete history of charges and receipts. Extensive indexing features are also included. This application is ideally suited to facilities with multiple cash registers with multiple drawers.

Standard Features Include:

  Accounts Receivable Module                            Multiple Cycle Billing                                Monthly/Accelerated Penalties and Interest

  Supports Multiple Cash Registers                     Supports Multiple Cash Drawers                Beer/Wine/Alcohol

  Daily Collections Reporting                               Change Due Back for Cash Payments       Credit Applied Towards Accounts

  Standardized Forms                                         Web Based Documentation                      The System is Touch Screen Ready

  Extensive Financial Reporting                           Monthly Statements for Past Due Accounts 
  Automatic Interface to Your Current Financials

  Real-time Building Permits Interface to Your Current Building Permits Software

  Data Export For Use in Microsoft® Products (Word © Mail Merge, Excel ©, PowerPoint ©, etc ...)